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SBH believes that family and friends of patient plays an important role in the early recovery of every patient, we value the emotions of our patients and their family.
So for the comfort of our patients & their Family we request them to visit during the ‘Visiting hours’ only, which are as follows:

Visiting Hours for IPD Wards — We allows the Attendants in the wards 24 hours for better care & emotional support of the Patient.
• NICU – 10am-11am & 5pm-6pm
• PICU – 10am-11am & 5pm-6pm
• ICU – 11am-12noon & 5pm-6pm
• Ward – 8am-9am & 6pm-7pm

• One person is allowed to meet the patient at one time during visiting hours.
• Wash your hands with soap before touching the patient.
• Wear clean cloth while entering.
• Turn your mobile on VIBRATION/SILENT mode.

• Carrying luggage is prohibited
• Smoking in hospital premises is prohibited
• Below 12 years children cannot see the patient
• Sleeping anywhere except waiting area is prohibited
• Shouting or making unnecessary noise in the Hospital premises

• Flowers are not allowed
• Outside food for patients are not allowed
• Any tobacco Product is not allowed
• Outside Medications are not allowed

Visiting hours and rules are established for the comfort and safety of patients. Visitation is important to a patient’s healing process and visitors are a welcomed part of treatment.


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