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Cleanliness in the hospital is very good. Cooperative staff and doctors.
Akhilesh Singh
Satyabhama Hospital is very good Hospital in Nangloi area. Staff is very caring. Best treatment given to me by experienced doctors. Very affordable and good Hospital.
Bhim Shankar
Dear Dr. Gopal Sharma, Dr. Manisha Sharma and all Satyabhama Hospital Team, I wanted to personally thank you for all you have done for me. I realize the surgery for the Open Cholecystectomy was much more difficult than you planned and I thank you for proceeding without hesitation. Also, your follow up care was second to none! Thank you again!
Shekhar Sharma
My experience at Satyabhama Hospital was exceptionally good, I had a terrible fever and needed an emergency service. I am really impressed with their services. A perfect example of how all hospitals should be. It's a multispeciality hospital and the services are pretty quick. Staffs are also very efficient and effective. Doctors are well educated, devoted and qualified also its not too expensive.
Dhruv Rawat

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