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Gynaecology & Obstetrics Care

Dr. Asha Sharma


The Department provides comprehensive services ranging from health promotion to clinical excellence in maternity and gynaecology.

SBH Multi-Specialty Hospital’s vision is to serve women by offering the safest and most efficacious diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that provide less invasive treatments for gynecologic conditions.

Advanced Laparoscopic surgery is offered for removal of tumors & cysts through very small incisions. Highly skilled services are available for Hysteroscopic surgery in the management of complex disorders like double uterus, intrauterine fibroids and adhesions (without any incision or stitches).

Departmental Highlights

The department has a well-equipped maternity complex with fetal monitors to follow the progress of labor and provides the facility for painless delivery round the clock.

The patient is under observation by doctors on duty and supported by well trained & experienced nursing staff.

Services and Treatments offered

  • MTP
  • 3D/4D Sonography
  • Gynaecological Disorder Management
  • Child Clinic
  • Immunization
Maternity Services/ Normal/Painless delivery/ Govt. recognized Abortion center

Maternity Services at SBH are provided by Qualified, dedicated and overly helpful staff.

Maternity services Include: 

  • Preconceptionally assessment and counselling.
  • Comprehensive Antenatal care.
  • Pain relief during labor.
  • Postnatal care.
  • Tertiary level nursery and neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
  • Infertility workup management
  • IUI/IVF/Test tube baby
  • Advance hysteroscopy + laparoscopy surgery.
  • All operation of gynaecology.

Management of Gynecology patients with Preexisting medical complications like:

  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Renal disorder.
  • Hypertension.
  • Heart Disease
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Epileptic disorder
  • Haematological disorders like Anaemia, Thrombocytopenia, Liver disorders.

High Risk Pregnancies

A high-risk pregnancy is that with a significant probability for a poor maternal or a fetal outcome. 

Our high-risk delivery team at SBH Multi-Specialty Hospital is adequately trained and equipped to ensure a safe delivery for such patients. High risk pregnancy includes those with: Obstetrical Complications like:

  • IUGR
  • PIH
  • Preterm.
  • Postdated pregnancy
  • Oligo and Polyhydramnios
  • Multiple Pregnancy
  • Placenta Previa and Accidental Hemorrhage
  • Fetal Malformations
  • Rh-Isoimmunization Recurrent Pregnancy loss
  • Consanguineous marriages
  • Family history of genetic diseases
  • Bad obstetric history



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