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Neurosurgeon doctor near me

Expert Neurosurgeon in Nangloi, Delhi

Neurosurgeon in Nangloi: Your Trusted Source for Neurosurgeon in Neurological Care

Experience dependable neurological care at Satyabhama Hospital, Nangloi. Your trusted destination for cutting-edge treatments and expert guidance in neurosurgery and neurological health.

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    What is an Neurosurgeon?

    A neurosurgeon is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spine, and nervous system. They perform surgery to treat a variety of conditions, including brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, and aneurysms.

    Neurosurgery Hospital in Nangloi: Your Trusted Neurological Care

    Satyabhama Hospital, Nangloi: Your Neurological Oasis. Expert care, precise treatments, and renewed well-being await. Begin your journey to neurological wellness today. Schedule with us now.

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    Looking for a Neurosurgeon in Nangloi ? Choose Satyabhama

    Satyabhama Hospital, Nangloi: Where Neurological Wellness Begins. Expert care for renewed well-being.

    Seeking a skilled neurosurgeon in Nangloi? Choose Satyabhama Medical Center. Our expert team offers advanced care for various neurological issues, utilizing cutting-edge technology and a compassionate approach. Your well-being is our priority. Contact us today for exceptional neurosurgical care.

    Neurosurgery Hospital Near Najafgarh Road Nangloi

    Why Satyabhama Hospital is the Best Choice for best Neurosurgical Care?

    1. Expert Neurosurgeons: Our skilled team of neurosurgeons brings extensive experience in treating a wide range of neurological conditions.
    2. Advanced Technology: We utilize state-of-the-art technology and surgical techniques for precise and effective treatments.
    3. Comprehensive Approach: Our multidisciplinary team collaborates to ensure holistic care, involving neurologists, radiologists, and rehabilitation specialists.
    4. Patient-Centric Care: Your well-being is our priority. We provide compassionate care, focusing on your comfort and successful outcomes.
    5. Trusted Reputation: Satyabhama Hospital is renowned for delivering excellent neurosurgical care, earning the trust of the community.

    Why Satyabhama Hospital Best for Neurosurgical Care

    Top Neurosurgical Care at Satyabhama Hospital: Your Path to Better Health.

    Best Neurosurgeon in Nangloi, Delhi

    Brain tumors

    Brain tumors can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not cancerous, but they can still cause problems by pressing on the brain. Malignant tumors are cancerous and can spread to other parts of the body.

    Spinal cord injuries

    Spinal cord injuries can be caused by trauma, such as a car accident, or by disease, such as spina bifida. They can cause a variety of problems, including paralysis, numbness, and loss of bladder and bowel control.


    Aneurysms are bulges in the walls of blood vessels. They can occur in the brain or spine. If an aneurysm ruptures, it can cause a stroke or spinal cord injury.


    Strokes are caused by a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. They can cause a variety of problems, including paralysis, speech problems, and difficulty thinking.


    Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizures. Seizures are episodes of abnormal electrical activity in the brain that can cause a variety of symptoms, such as convulsions, loss of consciousness, and sensory disturbances.

    Degenerative diseases

    Degenerative diseases are diseases that cause the nervous system to deteriorate over time. Examples of degenerative diseases that neurosurgeons treat include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

    Congenital disorders

    Congenital disorders are disorders that are present at birth. Examples of congenital disorders that neurosurgeons treat include hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and Chiari malformation.

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    Plan your path to better neurological health at Satyabhama Hospital. Secure your appointment today for personalized neurosurgical care delivered by our skilled and dedicated team in Nangloi

    FAQs on Neurosurgery & Neurosurgeon Doctor

    What is Neurosurgery?

    Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spine, and nervous system. Neurosurgeons are doctors who specialize in these disorders.

    What are some common neurosurgical conditions?

    Some common neurosurgical conditions include:
    Brain tumors
    Spinal cord injuries
    Degenerative diseases
    Congenital disorders

    What are some common neurosurgical procedures?

    Some common neurosurgical procedures include:
    Brain tumor surgery
    Spinal cord surgery
    Aneurysm surgery
    Stroke surgery
    Epilepsy surgery
    Degenerative disease surgery
    Congenital disorder surgery

    What is the difference between a neurosurgeon and a neurologist?

    A neurosurgeon is a doctor who specializes in surgery of the brain, spine, and nervous system. A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system, but does not perform surgery.

    What are the risks of neurosurgery?

    The risks of neurosurgery vary depending on the specific procedure. However, all neurosurgical procedures carry some risk of complications, such as infection, bleeding, and damage to nerves.

    What is the recovery time for neurosurgical procedures?

    The recovery time for neurosurgical procedures varies depending on the specific procedure. However, most patients require some time in the hospital after surgery, followed by rehabilitation.

    What are the chances of success for neurosurgical procedures?

    The chances of success for neurosurgical procedures vary depending on the specific condition being treated. However, many neurosurgical procedures are successful in improving or curing the patient’s condition.


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