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SBHPL has taken great care in constructing and maintaining a state of the art ergonomically efficient Operation Theatres (O.T.). The O.T. is equipped with the latest design, features and equipment conforming to the latest Healthcare standards. The OT premises is provided with central air supply and HEPA Filters. For maintaining sterile conditions epoxy coating on the floors and steel cladding on the walls has been done.

The hospital offers all major or minor and elective or emergency operation services round the clock daily. Operations can also be done on a day care basis based on the patient’s requirement.

We have a Team of Anesthetists Available Round the Clock.


All the Operative procedures are performed under special precautions and aseptic conditions for infection control. Regular microbiological surveillance of OT’S to maintain the highest levels of standard. O.T. personnel are also regularly trained on various aspects like the use of disinfectants, sterilized handling equipment, and preparation of medication, infection control practices, waste management, patient management and overall universal precaution

Ergonomics and Equipment of the Operation Room:

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Dr. Gopal Sharma

Satyabhama hospital has established itself as the one of the best hospitals in west delhi with a mission to provide high level integrated healthcare facilities to all sections of the society with a humanitarian touch, whilst maintaining high standard of ethical practice and professional competency with emphasis on training and education leading to research.