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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

It is one of the most challenging area in reproduction medicine because most of the times, the causes are known and there are evidence based diagnostic treatments.

When a patient loses at least two or more documented pregnancies, it is called recurrent pregnancy loss. Normally intensive investigation should be started after two pregnancy losses. Primary RPL is when a patient has never carried pregnancy to delivery and secondary is when the patient has one or more live births prior to the losses. Unfortunately in only 50% of cases, the reason of RPL can be determined.

Main Causes of RPL:

There are over 150 types of primary and secondary headaches, some of the most common types of headaches are:

Anatomical Structural and developmental abnormalities in the uterus
Immunological – The baby contains fathers genetic material too which is not
recognised by the mothers body as her own and she produces antibody like substances
which reject the pregnancy
Endocrine Factors – Diseases like diabetes and thyroid disorders or polycystic
ovarian syndrome etc.
Genetic Factors – Abnormalities of chromosome number or structure which can
happen during fertilisation
Thrombophilia – A condition in which there is a clot formation in the blood vessels of
the placenta which is the main feeding organ to the baby which cuts of the blood supply
to the growing pregnancy
Environmental Factors – Exposure to toxins, cigarette smoke, and alcohol may cause
Male Factor/Maternal Age – Abnormal sperms and ageing eggs
Infections – May cause pregnancy loss but is rarely a recurrent cause for pregnancy

A perfect diagnosis usually gets initiate after two consecutive losses, includes a complete family history, physical examination and investigation.

At Satyabhama Hospital, we offer a variety of treatments to couples that depends on the cause of the problem. The treatments vary from simple low risk and less expensive interventions to higher risk, more complex and expensive options. Normally these treatments are time taking and difficult.

The treatment may be difficult ad time taking but trust the doctors at Satyabhama Hospital and help them to help you achieve a successful pregnancy. With advanced technology in reproductive medicine at Satyabhama Hospital, things may take time but there is always a hope.