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The Division of Bariatric and Advance Laparoscopy Surgery is a part of the SBH for Digestive & Liver Diseases. The treatment ethos of the Division is to provide compassionate holistic care at an affordable cost. It provides cutting edge advanced laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of Obesity (Bariatric Surgery) and Gastrointestinal Cancers.

Addition to Bariatric and Advance Laparoscopy

In addition to Bariatric Surgery the Division also offers advanced laparoscopic surgery for cancers of the Gastro Intestinal tract covering cancers of the Esophagus, Stomach, Colon, Rectum, Pancreas, Spleen, Liver and Gall Bladder.

The laparoscopic operations commonly performed are:




Small Intestine




Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery


Large Intestine (Colon and Rectum)


Bariatric surgery is an effective tool to provide you with long term weight-loss benefit and help you enhance your quality of health

Sleeve Gastrectomy

A stapling procedure in which 60% of the stomach is removed leaving a 100 ml (volume) pouch.

70-80% of excess weight is reduced in 6-9 months

Gastric Bypass

A small new stomach is created with capicity of 50 ml and the digestive tract is rerouted (bypass). The new stomach is connected to the small intestine which bypasses the larger part of original stomach.

75-85% of excess weight is reduced in 6-9 months

Obesity surgery gives you a new lease of life free from:

Significant weight loss through bariatric surgery may also pave way for many other exciting opportunities for you and your family!
We have world class specialists from around the globe and facilitates correct diagnosis of various ailments for best and shortest road to recovery.

Get a closer glimpse of our cutting-edge-technology in the gallery below.

Minimal Access Surgery (Laproscopic Surgery)

Laparoscopy today has become gold standard for treatment of most of abdominal problems.The advantages of laparoscopy are, fast recovery , less postoperative pain, minimal blood loss, less hospital stay, better cosmetic results & early return to work.

Basic laparoscopic procedures performed:

Advanced laparoscopic procedures performed:

Bariatric surgery(weight loss surgery) & Metabolic surgery:

Bariatric surgery, also known as “ METABOLIC SURGERY” provides the longest period of sustained weight loss in patients for whom all other therapies have failed. It should be viewed first and foremost as a method for alleviating a debilitating disease and providing health benefits in treating co morbidities like Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Hypertension ,Obstructive sleep apnea ,Gastroesophageal reflux , Lower back and joint pain etc .

The commonly performed bariatric procedures include:

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